Société Suisse de Mésothérapie
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Mesotherapie
Swiss Society of Mesotherapy

Introduction to Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a modern medical treatment method, that has existed in France since 1952. It was invented by Dr Pistor, a family doctor in Paris.

The principle of mesotherapy is injecting medicine miscellanies in small dosages and with multiple microinjections in the superior skinlayer as close as possible of the wherabouts of disease.

The treatment is fast and effective, and on right application, the patient develops almost no side effects.

Mesotherapy is successfully spreaded and practiced, and has been recognized by the French national academy of medicine since 1986.

Mesotherapy is rather used for pain, vascular disease, infectious disease, the aesthetic, headache, etc... For your safety, all the equipment we use is sterile and destroyed after usage and the skin is carefully desinfected.